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Which tools or devices are harmful?

Electronic devices create interference with each other and to us

If a microwave oven sited next to a computer can interfere with the computer's reliability and memory chip, or kill WiFi connectivity: rest assured it will be affecting our own magnetite filled brains, and the ion currents in our body as well. WiFi does not work well with power cables, fluorescent lights, wireless video cameras and cordless phones. Our subtle electromagnetic system is affected similarly.

Unlocking a car with your brain

You may have seen the video of a university professor Dr Roger Bowley using his brain to extend the range of his car's RFID key opener. The brain becomes an antenna. As these waves pass through, they pull the positive charges present in the water in the brain (the hydrogen ions) in one direction, and the negative charges (the oxygen ions) in the other. "In effect, you've got the protons being pulled upward, then downward, then upward, then downward, because of the oscillating electric field," Bowley says. "That means they're behaving rather like a radio aerial [antenna] — as they go up and down, they're radiating energy." Professor Bowley was intentionally interacting with the Radio Frequency Identification Device he was using, so many of us are not.

Roger Bowley opening a car with his head

Professor Bowley using his brain as an antenna to open his car. 

We spend a vast amount of our lives in an artificial electromagnetic field. We may live near an airport radar system or cell tower, our cell phones in our pockets are exposing us to radiation, even when the phone is not been used, we can have this going on while we dry our hair with a blow-dryer. We need to understand that the more electronic devices added to our environment, and the longer we use these, the more interference with our bodies. It is vital to understand some of the effects on our body of all of these, to be able to maintain our bodies energy, its ability to restore and protect itself, and also to be able to reproduce—because the implications of animal studies applied to humans are quite simply: frightening.

Female blue eye

You have cells in your retina responsible for producing melatonin in order to restore and generate the retina during the night.

Using LED lighting, particularly after sunset,  reduces the regenerating and restoring capacities of your eyes and you end up with degeneration. Install incandescent lighting with a natural spectrum distribution to avoid this


The main types of immune cells (lymphocytes) are produced by the lymph glands. Lymphocytes break the covering of cancer cells on contact. Electrical field exposure can reduce the killing capacity of lymphocytes.


This image is a single human lymphocyte taken with a scanning electron microscope. Image courtesy of Wikipedia commons

Many common items can do surprising harm to your body. 

'Adult' WiFi Toys

Bluetooth Devices including Earbuds/Airpods, Fitbits, Speakers and Gaming Consoles

Cellular Phones

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Cordless Baby Alarms, Baby Monitor/Owlet Smart Socks, Baby Monitors

Cordless Phones

Dirty Electricity

Electrical Appliances including Electric Shears

Electric Blankets and Waterbeds

Electrical Wiring

Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Induction Cookers


Machinery including Industrial Sewing Machines

Microwave Ovens

Overhead power lines


Radar—Traffic, Weather, Military, and Airport

Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID)

Radio Frequency Masts


Security Devices

Smart Meters

TVs, Internet-connected Smart TVs

Vehicle fields: Global Positioning System (GPS) & the combined fields of Blue-tooth, ABS braking, WiFi and 4G antennae on the roadside & electric vehicle fields


WiFi Garage Door Openers (except infrared which is safer)

WiFi diaper/nappy sensors

Wireless hearing aids

Wireless (WiFi) Routers and WiFi Repeaters

Electric blankets and waterbeds

Dr William Ross Adey was a researcher whose work allowed NASA to do EEG recordings of astronauts in space. He was a world-renowned expert on the effects of electromagnetic on our bodies, the opposite of tech-averse, Adey was a ham radio operator and had a tall mast with antennae for this. At seventeen Adey used the antennae to bounce signals off the Moon.

Adey testified before the US Congress a number of times, telling a subcommittee in 1987 that the US Government should set federal standards for the non-ionizing radiation created by video display terminals and household appliances, among other devices. In 1990, he recommended against using electric blankets and electrically heated waterbeds because of the reduction of the effectiveness of our immune system.  

Electric blankets create an electric field that penetrates into the body 15 cm. They emit an electric field when connected, even when not actively heating. Studies have linked exposures to electric blankets with miscarriages and childhood leukaemia.


1 When Adey testified before the US congress in 1990 he explained that in our bodies we have protective cells produced by the lymph glands. These cells (lymphocytes) can be targeted against tumour cells. The lymphocytes break the covering membranes of these tumour cells on contact. In studies with cell cultures, fields that simulate 60 Hz high voltage power-line fields, can reduce the killing capacity (cytotoxicity) of the lymphocytes. (New Zealand's power line frequency is 50 Hz). These fields also disrupt the activity of enzymes that act as internal messengers inside the lymphocytes.


Similar health effects have been determined for water bed heaters. Recent changes have been made to electric blankets that make them safer (The better designs have longer wiring that doubles-back so the magnetic fields cancel each other out) but as a precaution disconnect these at the wall, or avoid them completely so that they are not acting as an antenna for ambient electromagnetic radiation.


The interaction of electric fields on our bodies is quite complicated, there is an interaction between intensity and duration on our biological fields. Drs Lai and Singhs' work show prolonged exposure to electric fields show DNA breaks in rat's brains.

Overhead power lines

Some electricity is lost through leakage as electricity moves over kilometres of high voltage transmission lines. This lost electricity can extend into the air, or flow down a metal pylon and travel through the earth, even electrifying underground water flows. It also causes large magnetic fields around the lines


A demonstration of this can be seen in the work of UK Artist Richard Box. He put 1301 fluorescent tubes in a field under some power lines and powered them with the electromagnetic fields from the power lines. The 1301 fluorescent tubes are powered only by the electric fields generated by overhead powerlines. You can see on the video of the artwork, that when people visited the installation and were taller than the tubes, the lights would go out of the fluorescent tubes beside them as the electricity would go through them instead of the tube. A fluorescent tube works by an electric field inside the tube causing a discharge, and this electric field can come either, as normally, from applying a mains voltage across the tube, or from the electric field produced by a power line. So fluorescent tubes will produce a visible glow under a power line, though usually, it is only visible after dark as it is much weaker than the light they normally produce.

Electricity should flow through your home and neighbourhood and loop back to the transformer—that big metal canister mounted on the telephone pole or a metal box in the case of underground wiring.

But some of that electricity gets loose and returns to the transformer through the earth below you. That electricity can come back into the building on metal water distribution pipes, or metal beams. Apartment complexes in neighbourhoods with underground power lines often have transformers nearby on the ground—those big metal boxes labelled with an image of a man being shocked. Using a meter to test EMF can show how this voltage can piggyback'" (jump onto) on to beams and move to unexpected places. 

French Geocap study: A study of childhood leukaemia and proximity to high-voltage power lines was published in April 2013. It finds elevated risks within 50 m of the highest voltage lines, but not at greater distances, and not for the lower-voltage lines. Age at the time of the exposure is important also. In New Zealand, a cluster of childhood leukaemia was linked to the high voltage power lines used in New Plymouth.

From research on Electromagnetic fields, certain windows have been found to cause more harm especially very close to the source, but also near the edges of the field, where there is minimal radiation. The amount is so subtle for our bodies do not go into the protect modes. 


Recommended safe distances
100-300 meters away from high power transmission lines (110 kV, 230 kV or 380 kV), high voltage underground cables, substations, and electric railway lines.​

10-50 meters away from residential distribution transformers and underground cables.—Distance recommendation  Francis Markho a Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC).

Cordless phones

Firstly, if you do use one of these, and your ear gets hot or you experience other symptoms immediately stop using it.   

According to the Belarus website (recommended by the Russian National Committee for Protection against Non-ionizing Radiations):

"Non-ionizing Modern cordless phones operate in 4 wavelengths: 30-39 MHz, 900 MHz and 1800 MHz. The first frequency range relates to analog and from the point of view of electrobiology is the safest.


Its disadvantages include a somewhat worse communication quality and a small communication range (figure on the left).
Phones with a frequency of 900 MHz have a small output power (approximately 10 mW) and are also analog.

These devices, as a rule, have a decent communication range due to the features of the passage of radio waves through obstacles such as concrete walls and good communication quality (they do not “make noise” during a conversation). In the 1800 MHz range, DECT standard cordless telephones are manufactured. Their output power is quite large and can reach up to 250 mW. Fully digital voice technology makes them the most convenient for service and communication quality. These phones work in a similar standard to cell phones. However, the main, most serious drawback of devices of this type is that the base station constantly emits a pulsating signal with a frequency of 100 Hz, even in conditions when the phone is not used for conversation. Actually, constantly working miniature radio station. According to recent studies, it has been established that a modulated signal has a “tunnelling” effect on brain cells. Thanks to this effect, access to the brain of various toxins, including heavy metals, is opened. Phones are transmitting even when the handset is resting on its base."


This is happening constantly, for 24  hours a day, like having a cell phone that you never stop talking on. Dr Don Maisch of EMF facts Consultancy advocates that a medical warning be placed on these phones.

Modern cordless phones operate in 4 wavelengths: 30-39 MHz, 900 MHz and 1800 MHz. The first frequency range relates to analog and from the point of view of electrobiology is the safest,


This EMF facts consultancy article discusses how at the advent of DECT phones, Dr Leberecht von Klitzing, a medical physicist and researcher from the University of Luebeck had healthy babies brought to him, who had abnormal heartbeats, which normalised again when the cordless phone was removed from their environments. 


Cordless phones are often placed on a table beside a bed. In a situation where a sleeper is about half a meter away from a typical DECT phone placed on a bedside table, he or she is constantly being exposed to a pulsing microwave signal with an electrical field strength of about 6.5 Volts per meter. If you cannot replace this phone with a corded one, at least remove it from the bedside.

"The German Federal Radiation Protection Agency (Bundesamt fur Strahlenschutz – BfS) has expressed concerns over DECT phone use. They stated in a January 2006 press release that a DECT cordless phone is often the strongest single source of microwave radiation in a private home. To prevent possible health risks the Agency recommended minimizing personal radiation exposure (if a DECT phone is used) by placing the base station in a place where you do not spend much time, for example, a hall. For the workplace, the Agency specifically advised to avoid placing DECT phones on work desks and called upon manufacturers to redesign the phones to include a feature of power output control, so that the power output during a call would be adapted to the distance of the handset from its base station. This would allow phone use only to the level of power necessary to keep the communication going and power would be down while on standby and connected to the base station/charger. " EMF facts consultancy published article. German Federal Agency For Radiation Protection (Bundesamt fur Strahlenschutz – BfS) Press Release, Jan. 31, 2006.

People using wireless phones (both mobile phones and cordless phones; DECT) have an increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma, according to Dr Lennart Hardell, Department of Oncology in Sweden.

Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID)

An RFID tag is a microchip that stores information that can be read from a distance by a special device called a reader or interrogator. RFID tags are now found in passports, driver's licenses, employee and university identification cards, and new credit cards, public library books, cat doors, animals, museum objects, alarm tags against theft, needles and gauze used in surgery to avoid leaving these inside the patient.

These tags are even (rather dystopically) implanted in humans. The humans that have the chips inserted view their bodies "as a sports utility they can upgrade" to give them unique access to their phones etc.

The RFID tags in some of these cards can be read almost 10 metres away. An experimental study by D. Arumugamand Daniel Engels shows results that predict that 2 RFID reader antennas at distances of 10cm from the human head operating additively, will contribute to a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) in the human head of up to a maximum of 2.02763W/kg (higher than our NZ SAR maximum to the human head.

'Dirty' Electricity

This is not the 50-hertz (NZ) or 60-hertz electricity, This is caused by arcing, sparking,  transient circuit-switching,  relays, circuit breakers, dimmer switches,  inverters,  variable speed motors, generators,  fluorescent lamps, chargers, energy-saving lamps, etc. In other words,  whenever the current is interrupted, voltage spikes or surges occur, which combine to form a complex and potentially harmful electromagnetic field. This is known as 'dirty electricity' is generated at frequencies up to 400 kHz. 


Dr Samuel Milham (physician and an epidemiologist) found that there was an increase of diseases as electricity rolled out unevenly across America. By comparison, religious communities that eschew electricity (The Old Order Amish are still comparatively free from the same diseases. Milham says "It was while doing I was doing this childhood study on leukaemia that I noticed a positive correlation between the level of electrification and death". He attributes this to the component of electricity that is known by the electrical companies as—'dirty electricity.' Is he correct that the war on cancer has not been won because we miss this component? He has written a book 'Dirty Electricity, Electrification and the diseases of Civilisation', 

Milham's research paper on 'Dirty electricity, chronic stress, neurotransmitters and disease' discusses interesting findings, such as changing a classroom group's hyperactive behaviour within 45 minutes by filtering out the dirty electricity. To reduce exposure to 'dirty electricity' do not leave electrical appliances and electronic devices on if you are not using them. A Building Biologist trained remediator, or electrician can be consulted to determine faulty wiring in older houses. Other research links this extra electricity exposure while the mother was pregnant to having children with ADHD.

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Research by Dr Milham shows that nearly all the non-incandescent lamps (fluorescent, CFL, and LED) generated significant body amperage and exposure made body amperage levels above those considered carcinogenic.


In a study of self-reported electro-hypersensitives, headaches were reported far more frequently with exposure to both CFLs and tube-type fluorescent lights than to incandescent lighting.

LED lighting and screens

You have cells in your retina responsible for producing melatonin in order to regenerate the retina during the night.​ 


If you use LED light after sunset you reduce the regenerating and restoring capacities of your eyes and you end up with degeneration. This is because the blue light causes oxidative stress in your tissue, and this stress needs to be balanced with near-infrared that is not present in LEDs.


The regenerative part of the spectrum is found in the long-wavelength part, in the red and the near-infrared.

Dr Alexander Wunsch, a world-class expert on photobiology says "I call these LEDs Trojan horses because they appear so practical to us. They appear to have so many advantages. They save energy; are solid state and are very robust. So we invited them into our homes. But we are not aware that they have many stealth health-robbing properties, which are harmful to your biology, harmful to your mental health, harmful to your retinal health, and also harmful to your hormonal or endocrine health." 


Lately, exposure to the Blue-rich light from our screens and our lighting has also been linked to detrimental effects on the skin. This includes sustained uneven and excessive pigmentation, photoaging, disruption of the circadian rhythm, and to oxidative stress making unstable molecules that lead to the breakdown of collagen and of elastin contributing to accelerated ageing.

Smart meters

Smart meters operate in the same frequency ranges as cell phones. Further, smart meters have twice the RF power output of the typical cell phone and will be transmitting day and night. These meters can produce RF power densities found to cause biological effects even at distances greater than 20 meters, and certainly up to 100 meters.


The power density at 1 meter from a smart meter is higher than the power density that triggered biological effects in 50 of the 67 studies.

The power density at 5 meters from a smart meter is higher than the power density that triggered biological effects in 26 of the 67 studies.



The power density at 20 meters from a smart meter is higher than the power density that triggered biological effects in 14 of the 67 studies.

This distance of 20 meters is likely as far from a smart meter as a person can get and still be inside the typical home. So living and sleeping on the side of a home that is farthest from
the smart meter is helpful but still may not reduce the received power densities to biological insignificance. Further, one or more of the neighbours’ smart meter/s may be closer and may thus be the stronger source. Smart meters have also been found to be inaccurate in some research.

Wireless hearing aids

Some wireless hearing aids have been found to emit over 20,000 microWatts per meter squared of radiation. 

Wireless hearing aids use both:

  • Short-range transmission. (This ranges from 3 to 11 Megahertz.)

  • Long-range transmission. ( This operates at 2.4 Gigahertz 

right next to the brain. Remember these are millions and billions of times stronger than the brains own electromagnetic field. 

Bioinitiative 2012 Guidelines are: The EUROPAEM 2017 EMF long-term Guidelines are:

    10 µW/m2 for day-time exposure


    0.1 µW/m2 for sensitive populations, such as children and the elderly.

Aids fitted with Blue tooth and GPs positioning all produce harmful EMF and should be avoided anywhere near the brain and particularly for long durations of exposure.

Wireless (WiFi) Routers and WiFi Repeaters


WiFi makes mice (research victims) permanently infertile, so what are we doing, putting it into our homes, schools, libraries, cafes, hospitals and workplaces?  

Research on mice shows permanent damage to the developing ovarian follicles, the numbers and the development of their eggs. Military research has shown the 2.4 gigahertz EMF, (2.4 billion times per second frequencies we have emitting from our routers makes people infertile. If you must use a Wi-Fi router purchase a router that only produces WiFi when WiFi-connected devices are actually on.


Promoting wireless technology in schools disregards the current health warnings from international science and public health experts in this field. RF radiation should be classified as Carcinogenic to Humans, Group 1 according to the IARC classification standards according to researcher Lennart Hardell. Swedish Researcher. See also WIFI IN SCHOOLS.

Vehicle EMF fields including Global Positioning System (GPS) & the combined fields of Blue-tooth, ABS braking, WiFi and 4G antennae on the roadside

According to Theodore P. Metsis, Ph.D., an electrical, mechanical, and environmental engineer from Athens, Greece, modern conventional gas- and diesel-powered automobiles incorporate many EMF-emitting devices.
"EMFs in a car in motion with brakes applied + ABS activation may well exceed 100 mG. Adding RF radiation from Blue tooth, WiFi, the cell phones of the passengers, the 4G antennas laid out all along the major roads plus the radars of cars already equipped with, located behind, left or right of a vehicle, the total EMF and EMR fields will exceed any limits humans can tolerate over a long period of time.


Scandinavian research recommendations:

In January 2014, SINTEF, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia, proposed manufacturing design guidelines that could reduce the magnetic fields in electric vehicles.  All automobile manufacturers should follow these guidelines to ensure their customers' safety. The guidelines include using twisted cables so that the currents flow in opposite directions minimising EMF emission, ferromagnetic shielding, and power cables laid under the chassis or with a metal sheet between the seats and the cables. Where possible, the motor should be installed farther away from the passenger seat area, and its rotation axis should not point to the seat region. Batteries to be far away from the passenger seat region and other details. 

Using a cell phone inside a car

Research confirms that at some frequencies,  car walls can act as a resonator bouncing the electromagnetic field radiated from the mobile phones backwards and forwards, and amplifying the electromagnetic field causing of high values of the specific absorption of radiation (SAR) values inside the human body.


Electric Blankets and Waterbeds
Overhead Powr lines
Cordless phones

This short video by EMF researcher Magda Haves discusses the more precautionary approach of the Swiss to EMF. She then moves on at 1.55 minutes to demonstrating with various meters some of the microwave dangers in your home (6.7minutes).

Dirty Electricity
Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs
Blue Lights

Blue light causes oxidative stress on the eye which in LEDs is not balanced out by the restorative longer waves of Infrared light found in natural light.

power-poles-1638822-639x426Power by Mich

The French Geocap study found elevated risks childhood of leukaemia from living within 50 m of the highest voltage lines. 

Keep your cordless phone base in a place where you do not spend much time, and certainly not on your desk, or by your bed.—Advice from the German Federal Radiation Protection Agency 
WiFi routers
vehicle EMF fields
Electric Car Battery Charging

Scandinavian researchers have published guidelines for safer electric vehicle design including the use of twisted cabling, shielding of passengers from cables, and distance from batteries and motors. 

Image by Ugur Akdemir

Cordless DECT phones bases emit a signal of 100 Hz 24 hours a day, even when not being used for speaking and the handset is sitting on its base.

Smart meters
Wireless Earing aids
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