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Smart meter exposure makes the EKG of the heart of Warren Woodward change from very smooth to "Chaotic" in this video. Key Moment: 10: 59 where the EKG is interpreted and we can see how the heart has to work very hard to keep itself regular.  If you have a smart meter in your home you must at a minimum, sleep as far as possible away from it. Smart meters need to be recalled because of their danger to the stabilisation of the heart. 

Cell phones and Wi-Fi affect your babies brain development 

A short video from the Baby Safe Project. The Baby Safe Project web site is worth your time, especially if you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant.

Dr Henry Lai is an eminent researcher of electrical and radiation effects on cells, here he explains this difficult science, in terms anyone can understand, although younger viewers might have to look up who Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire were.

In this video, a driver is hooked up to an EEG machine. the brain's activity while exposed to WLAN is dramatic.

(Video 6.57min) Daniel Georgiev the  Bulgerian inventor of Iris software which you can install on your computer to protect your eyes. He explains several facts regarding how technology hurts our eyes and effects our sleep.


He has created Iris software to control the blue light of your computer. (He has a simple version which is free Iris mini and and Iris with more options that you can try (without handing over your credit card details) . He also advocates yawning when at the computer, yawning makes our eyes close tight and waters our eyes.

Georgiev says on his blog

After a long-hour period of starring at a monitor, you may suffer a slight discomfort.

There can be vision disruptions like blurred vision, blind spots, and also headaches.

In the long run, the blue light radiation can lead to age-related macular degeneration, which is close to complete vision loss.

Dr Jerry Phillips who is an expert on DNA damage created by electromagnetic fields discusses here the question of how do we know who to believe about Electromagnetic radiation? He explains that the term weight of evidence is often used without it ever being defined. Is it the number of papers? Is it the quality of papers? Is it the strength of the evidence? He questions the practice of using scientific papers to cancel one another by numbers. Hays: "How can learn anything from that?"

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