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About Safe ICT NZ

We are an incorporated society set up in 2019 with an advisory group consisting of strategists, with experience in creating successful social change, and PhDs with many years in the fields of electromagnetic radiation, along with access to further international experts. 


The group that initially set up the society formed out of concern about 24-hour cell tower radiation exposure and the looming 5G technology exposures. We quickly realised that harm was coming from many levels of EMF exposure and that without public knowledge of this, continuing harm would be done, and neither would there be the political will for a moratorium. 


We have a plan to help New Zealand become a haven from EMF harm for both our people and our ecosystem. New Zealanders need to be able to make an informed judgement about how much risk they wish to assume. To this end, we are working at making information accessible in a variety of formats and levels. We are working towards protecting those that cannot protect themselves. 

We could lead the world in technology safety. At the moment we have some catching up to do with France. French laws are among the most stringent on cell phones and wireless technology. Cell phones must be labelled for radiation values and are independently tested for radiation levels. Phones designed for young children may not be sold and companies are prohibited from advertising aimed at children. Wi-fi is removed from kindergartens and restricted in schools. The country passed a comprehensive transparency law in 2015 and among the many country actions, the agency that monitors the spectrum (ANFR) also was required to monitor and post cell tower radiation levels and cell phone radiation levels live in real-time online. 

We have many activities in the pipeline and would love your engagement with them. 

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New Zealanders could be world leaders in using and developing the safest 21st century technology 
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