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Here you can find links to thousands of research papers, many on searchable databases and also short summary articles in plain language.
2020 National Toxicology Programme (NTP) report
The significance of the NTP 10 year study is that the theory that cell-phone radiation (non-ionizing radiation) cannot cause health effects has now been disproved.
This report is from a 30 million dollar, 10 year long, gold-standard study on radiation effects from the 2G and 3G cell phone technology.
The NTP (headquartered at the American National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences) employed experts in every aspect of this science: engineering, animal handling, and biology. The study found:
• Clear evidence of tumours in the hearts of male rats.

• Some evidence of tumours in the brains of male rats.

• Some evidence of tumours in the adrenal glands of male rats.
  • Significantly
increased DNA
damage (strand breaks) in the brains of exposed rats and mice
  • Reduced pup
birth weights
  • Cardiomyopathy
(a group of diseases that affect the heart) of the right ventricle in male and female rats
The invited 14-member peer review panel included three electrical
engineering professors, ten pathologists and toxicologists (three from academia and seven from industry), and one biostatistician. 
Read the quick sum-up report here:
In response to the spin on the science: "that the exposed rats lived longer, and that is why they got cancer" line please understand that the mean survival for male rats in the exposure group, at 637 days, was five days less than the 642 days mean survival of the control group.
Refutation of spurious claims such as "that pathology was not done blinded" about the science can be seen by the designer of the study: here
Non-ionizing radiation can do harm proven
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