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Safe ICT NZ Activities


  • The creation and development of our website. to provide accessible,  science-based information to help you unravel some of the complex science.

  • Holding talks and workshops to inform and help move everyone to safer choices and habits

  • Creating professional videos and social media and engaging multimedia materials to share New Zealander's stories and prevent EMF harm.  

  • Inviting recognised experts in the field to speak and liaise with various health organisations.

  • Increasing members knowledge and expertise

  • Supporting and Promoting other organisations events in the field 


Creation of change:

  • Using PR to create change

  • Lobbying for safer schools and public places​

  • Taking part in local events

  • Writing submissions and attending hearings at Government agencies, regional and local Councils

  • Seeking lawyer’s advice and acting on recommendations on legal matters to hold our politicians and decision-makers accountable 

  • Fundraising to support these actions.

  • Printing and distribution of materials for public awareness campaigns

  • Creating an EMFR map to show where the most radiation exposure is

  • Acquiring EMF meters to create maps of exposure and to allow assessment of risk by members to determine exposure (with public lending in the future).

  • Help people through an on-going process of change in their relationship to technology.


Promotion of alternatives:

  • Call for fully independent and comprehensive reviews of the science in relation to public health policy

  • Championing research and the creation of engineering/science-based solutions for safer technology

We invite you to get involved

If you believe that there needs to be much more of an awareness of best practises, as mentioned earlier we lag well behind the French. IF would like to help us, no matter in what capacity, switch over to the contact page and send us an email.


What possible carcinogens are in the same category as radio frequencies?

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