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Our technology isn't the only thing that is electromagnetic

Our lives depend on electromagnetism at many levels. On the macroscale—the earth and the sun are electro-magnetic. In fact, Earth, the big ball of molten iron beneath our feet, could be thought of as a big magnet. On the microscale our very cells and atoms are electro-magnetic.

If we had an enormous metal fridge we could stick our earth to it. 

When iron filings are sprinkled around a magnet you see the patterns of its magnetic field. Earth holds a giant doughnut-shaped bubble of magnetism around it as well. This bubble is called the magnetosphere. Imagine it though more like a cloud of foggy breath than a soap bubble.


This magnetosphere extends well beyond the moon and is many times bigger than the earth’s radius. Like any other magnetic fields, it is strongest near its poles. The magnetosphere protects us from the sun’s winds which would otherwise act like a particularly ferocious vacuüm cleaner and strip away our own atmosphere into space, leaving Earth as cold and uninhabitable as Mars.


Earth's magnetic bubble is actually within another one, along with the rest of the solar system.

We lie within the sun’s immense croissant-shaped magnetic bubble called the heliosphere. The heliosphere also shields us. Space particles are deflected around the heliosphere like the bow waves from a boat's movement.

An electromagnetic wave constantly circles the earth

On Earth, we have thunderstorms discharging lightning all the time. These lightning bolts create electromagnetic waves, that get caught between the earth’s surface and about 100kms up from it, where the inner edge of the magnetosphere is (the ionosphere). They circle the earth, approximately eight times per second (7.83 specifically). The fundamental Schumann Resonance roughly corresponds to a wave with a wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth. This pattern of standing waves is named after the physicist Winfried Schumann who realized it would be there.


It is a little confusing, but the Schumann Resonance is not the internally-generated resonant frequency of the planet Earth, which is 10 cycles per second (10Hz) as Tesla discovered.


Interestingly, when Dr Schumann published his calculations of this resonance wave in `Technische Physik.’ another scientist realized that they matched the frequencies of the brain. This scientist's colleague Dr Berger had built an EEG machine and recorded the frequencies of the brain, and found the brain's frequency in relaxed states to be 4-8 Hz.

Our bodies electric current

The entire human body and its individual parts are conductors of electric current. This is due to the content of various elements (sodium, potassium, calcium, etc.) in the blood, intercellular fluid and the cells themselves. For these reasons, the human body can play the role of an antenna, capturing the energy of certain wavelengths (resonance phenomenon). 

Body Calculator

To know what your own bodies resonant frequency is  there is a calculator on the Belarus website electrosmog. Google translate will convert Russian for you in an instant, then just translate the apps output: МГц = MHz megahertz. 

David Cohen pioneered the study of Biomagnetism (magnetic fields produced by the body). He built a special room at MIT to shield natural magnetic fields to measure the field put out by our currents. Natural ion currents in the body, from muscles and nerves in the heart, brain, and liver give you a magnetic field, emanating from the body. The magnetic field around the brain, it is called the magneto-encephalogram (EEG) and the around the heart the magnetic field is called the magneto-cardiogram (MCG). Cells also have electric fields.

You can see the levels of these fields in the slide from Dr Cohen's slide presentation, how could these subtle electromagnetic fields be unaffected by artificial electromagnetic fields many orders stronger?

The fundamental thing to realise is that native/natural electromagnetic frequencies and magnetic fields perform critical functions.
Native frequencies are orders of magnitude lower than artificial ones. The earth's frequency is 10htz (10 x per second) whereas our WiFi routers transmit at 2.4 and 5 billion times per second.

Schumann Resonance animation

Credit: NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center / Conceptual Image Lab

The earth has a magnetic field, which is called the magnetosphere, and in turn the magnetosphere, is within the sun's magnetic field, which is called the heliosphere.

Here is an artistic impression of it, courtesy of NASA

Lazy Seal

Animals have a magneto-reception. Bacteria, trout, turtles, crayfish, pigeons, eels and seals, sense and respond to magnetic fields. It is not so much a question of which animals have this sense but which animals don't. We do not exactly know how it works and there are two competing theories about this. One is that animals have tiny magnetic particles of magnetite in their bodies that act as magnetic receptors, The other theory is that animals have a protein in their eyes called cyptochrome which allow them to see magnetic fields. But neither theory is proven.

Having our bare feet on the ground has a profound effect on our blood flow

Emerging research on the blood is revealing that direct physical contact of the human body with the surface of the earth, has beneficial effects on various cardiovascular risk factors. The blood has a greater flow and less clumping because the red blood cells have a higher surface charge and so high blood pressure is reduced.

The human body is a conductor of electricity and so is earth (soil), except in very dry areas such as deserts. Consequently, grounding leads to rapid equalization of the electrical potential of the body with the potential of the Earth (planet) through an almost instantaneous transfer of electrons from soil to the body.

Other research found immediate effects on brain and heart signals and the scientists suggest it regulates the correct functioning of the nervous system. There are more than twenty studies showing positive effects. Our habit of wearing shoes made with rubber soles separates us from this beneficial attribute. 

As well as being insulated from the benefits of the earth, artificial radiation changes the blood. Chinese traditional medicine uses pulse diagnosis to determine what is happening with the body. There has been an enormous increase in the phenomenon of a choppy pulse which is is the diagnostic associated with coagulated blood and loss of flexibility of the blood vessel walls.


A sudden increase has been found in what is called a tense pulse, specifically a leather pulse (over the entire pulse). The leather quality pulse is found with significant damage accrued from sustained and prolonged exposure to radiation—found in patients who have undergone radiation as a cancer treatment. The growth in this type of pulse has acupuncturists extrapolating backwards to determine that increasing radiation exposure from Cell-phones, Blue-tooth, WiFi etc is causing this increase, especially amongst young people as this would normally, if anything, be seen in old people and was rare in the past. 


Contact with the earth has been the natural bio-electrical environment of the human body and of other organisms throughout most of evolutionary history.  It has been scientifically demonstrated that a living organism needs to be bathed in the electromagnetic system of our natural environment in order to function well. Not only humans but all species need to be part of this field. When we prevent animals from being in touch with these frequencies for example in an experiment: hamsters raised in Faraday cages and so separate from these frequencies refused to hibernate, even though the light and temperature parameters corresponded to those of winter, until the Faraday protection was removed. 

Experiments at the Max Plank Institute in 1967 by the physiologist Rütger Wever found human metabolism badly affected by separation from the earth's magnetic fields.

Our background microwave habitat

The solitary significant natural source is the sun. Under worst-case conditions (sunburst
activity) the integrated sum for the entire microwave bandwidth produces a field
strength less than  1 X 10
        mW/cm squared.


Dr Cohen lecture biomagneticism.jpg

Lecture by Dr David Cohen on biomagnetism available on YouTube


SQUID NOISE refers to the is a supersensitive measuring device of magnetic fields called the squid.


A welder can have a reading of a magnetic field of 10 Gauss near his or her hands while holding a welding torch: compare with the bodies readings here. 

Image by Yudi Indrawan

Flowers are electromagnetic. When the positively charged bee arrives at the negatively charged flower, pollen literally jumps from the flower to the bee, as the bee approaches…


Observation of dogs in a dog park will reveal that they poop after arranging their bodies to line up with the north-south axis, that is when the magnetic field is calm, (It isn't always calm the molten rock we are all on churns around a bit.) Foxes use their ability to sense the magnetic field of the earth to calculate distance rather than position or direction as many other creatures such as bees do. They seize their prey, using the sound of an animals movement and jumping at a fixed angle to the magnetic field, ideally at an angle 20 degrees off magnetic north. Source of information: Being a Beast by Charles Foster, Profile Books 2016.

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