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Internet of Things (IoT), Apple Fi
and the Fifth Generation of Technology

5G isn't a single technology or standard, but rather a constellation of different technologies. In June 2018 the technical specifications for the 5th Generation of wireless networking technology were released. 5G technologies make use of several parts of the electromagnetic spectrum: low frequency (700MHz), high frequency (3.4-3.8 GHz, centimetre (CM)) or extremely high-frequency millimetre (MM) (26 GHz and above. The overwhelming majority of studies conclude that there is a high risk of adverse biological effects on humans at low, high and extremely high frequencies. Furthermore, research also finds
biological effects at high frequencies may add to and compound those predicted at lower frequencies. The promise of 5G is that of speeds 600 times faster than typical 4G technology will make things like a movie download have such a short time frame it will be instantaneous. 

There is a race to develop 5G technology to give whichever countries win the race, the edge on the greater market share on using artificial intelligence systems. Also, to usher in the Internet of Things (IoT) a concept of everything connected to the internet and otherwise interconnected (machine to machine communication) and having these machines and doing most of the work. 

Fridges that order their own food

Examples of this are that the fridge will self-order a replacement of an expiring food, or simply send an alert to your phone. Cars will drive themselves. The theory is that machines will take care of the mundane things. There will be hundreds of billions of microchips attached to every pill bottle and lawn sprinklers, the tech vision is that everything that can be connected will be connected. Of course, having the machines replace our work doesn't include a plan for how we generate the income to purchase these devices since their production will be by implemented by machines as well.

Death by Jeff

There is a tremendous social upheaval from careers being replaced by AI and robots. Amazon killing retail is an example of this. Dubbed as 'Death by Jeff.' Every market Jeff Bezos decides to enter is a win for him and loss for the players already there. The continuation of this trend, if we adopt the Internet of Things will be the elimination of such careers as cooking, being a real estate agent, tutoring, monitoring of infrastructure, recruitment, financial trading, contract law-making, being a dental technician, and mining. Robots are set to replace jobs in maintenance, including car maintenance, agriculture, lawn-mowing: in every sphere, there will be job losses, including in the medical profession. While people refer to fear of this change as the “Luddite Fallacy” it will be a radical disruption on top of the one we are already living through and predicted to happen within approximately five years. John Maynard Keynes’s predicts of widespread technological unemployment “due to our discovery of means of economising the use of labour outrunning the pace at which we can find new uses for labour". 


5G technology will be relayed from space to every corner of the planet

The specifications for 5G include not only what is happening on the ground but also, they include specifications for 5G in satellites in space. The fleets of satellites will be enormous. A company called WorldView is preparing to launch a fleet of 4540 satellites into low and medium orbit. This is to provide high-speed low latency Internet to every cm of the planet.

The effects of 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G on every living thing, be it a bee, a frog, a beetle, a cow, a plant, or a tree is already highly damaging, but fortunately it is not everywhere as yet. Unmitigated EMF exposure will have an effect that Professor Oleg Grigoriev (Chairman for the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, Dr.Sc. (radiobiology), Ph.D. (radiobiology & hygiene of non-ionizing radiation) has described as maybe like a "slow Hiroshima."

The most important use of 5G will be for military purposes

4G and 5G are already used in crewless heavy military vehicles, such as Patria, the development of which was by the University of Tampere. The uses of the electromagnetic spectrum for military purposes was displayed during August 2020 in Hawaiian waters. Hawaii already  ​bears the environmental cost of the Rim of the Pacific Exercise, the world's largest international maritime warfare exercise (RIMPAC) which happens every two years with the US calling the shots. Sonar causes mass strandings in whales in a place known for its breeding grounds. The exercises rip kelp beds to shreds and bombing of decommissioned boats takes place above deep-sea coral. New Zealand defence forces take part in this ecological nightmare.

“The emergence of 5G technology, now commercially available, offers the US Department of Defense the opportunity to take advantage, at minimal cost, of the benefits of this system for its own operational requirements” is the advice given to the Pentagon by the Defense Science Board. In their Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority Strategy 2020 document they specifically state they want to get their partners to adopt technology that these partners can share with them: "Goal 4: Secure Enduring Partnerships for EMS Advantage--Objective 4.2: Enhance Access, Interoperability, and Capacity with Allies and Partners."

It will improve the lethality of killer drones and war robots by giving them the capacity of identifying, following and targeting people on the basis of facial recognition and other characteristics. The 5G network, as a weapon of high-tech capacity, will also become the target for cyber-attacks and war actions carried out with new generation weapons.

5G paves the way for a surveillance dictatorship. The reach of current and future the systems is vast—the safeguards are not.


The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public health have a paper "ICNIRP Guidelines’ Exposure Assessment Method for 5G Millimetre Wave Radiation May Trigger Adverse Effects" that epalins that the revised 2020 ICNIRP guidelines may not prevent heat injury and will not prevent bio-effects. An overview of harm from 5G and the mechanisms that cause biological harm has been written and compiled in 2018, by Martin L. Pall, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University list eight types of biological harm, including three types of cellular DNA attacks, producing single-strand breaks in the cellular DNA, double-strand breaks in cellular DNA and oxidized bases in cellular DNA. 


Apple has employed satellite engineers on a special project dubbed Apple-fi, This is apparently going to make 5G obsolete and is yet another satellite-based internet protocol. They intend to use low earth orbiting satellites to beam high-speed internet to users across the globe.

Because a proper assessment of the danger of electromagnetic exposure is still missing in the decision-making processes regarding wireless technologies, the public health is seriously at risk and the situation may become completely chaotic in the coming years.“—Professor Yuri Grigorievich Grigoriev
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