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Sharing our communication with MPs

Learn about electric vehicles and eyesight in the August newsletter.

This newsletter talks about an exciting new app for that helps you work out what EMF meter readings mean in terms of health risks, it explains the reason planes to the US were grounded, and the implications here in nz, and gives an update on 5G concerns, 

The Russian Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection committee recommends a ban on Wi-Fi and wireless Internet connections for primary school, and a ban on smartphones for purposes of education, find out why in this newsletter.

Our submissions regarding Digital Strategy for Aotearoa

The impact of our tech use can be dramatic for other species who use subtle electromagnetism fields for all sorts of things, from attracting pollen to their fur, eco-locating for their food, sensing direction when migrating etc. We created a submission concentrating on the environmental and ecosystem impacts,


Our second submission covers 18 points that need to be considered when implementing a digital strategy, including electrosensitivity, and such questions as how we navigate deliberately addictive media when it is tied together with the tools now required for work, commerce, and interaction with government agencies. 


Safe Information and Communications Technology for New Zealand 

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