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Going to a fertility clinic, or hearing you have breast cancer, should not be the point when you hear that you should have kept your cell phone off your body, your laptop off your lap, and should have been protected from wireless radiation during your childhood!

Ban it, Bag it , flight mode that cell phone, and turn all the wireless functions off when not being used or stored in a pocket. On some phones, flight mode turns off these functions but in newer phones, it doesn't. So make sure Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS are all off. 

Remember when a phone is on, even if you are not talking on it, it is connecting constantly with a cell tower and therefore sending out radio frequency microwave radiation.


Cases with metal parts may change radiation absorbed

Manufacturers state that cases with metal parts may change the safety compliance of the device.


Use cell phones on speakerphone

Reduce exposure by using speakerphone hands-free.

Erectile function

The longer you carry you phone in your pocket the lower the erectile function

A six-year pilot study published in the American National Institutes of Health PubMed found concerning effects of cell phone use on erectile dysfunction. Men with Erectile Dysfunction were found to carry their switched-on cell phones for a significantly longer time (between 3.6 and 4.4 hours) than those without Erectile Dysfunction (around 1.8 hours). Time spent talking on the phone in both groups was similar, but those who carried their phones switched on for longer had significant erectile dysfunction.


Laptops and mobiles degrade sperm quality

20 papers show that the process of actually producing sperm cells was negatively affected by exposure to radio-frequency radiation and electromagnetic fields. (pg.123)

In an in vitro (out-of-the-body) study, designed to emulate using a laptop, some semen samples were exposed to Wi-Fi from a laptop, and some were protected. The sperm motility—the ability for the sperm to move correctly through the female reproductive tract—was significantly down and there was DNA fragmentation in the Wi-Fi-exposed sperm, compared to the control group.


Mobile phone use significantly affects sperm quality. Motility, is on average down 8% after cell phone exposure. Viability, the ability to fertilise an egg, and the concentration of sperm in ejaculation, are all shown to be significantly lower, in the research review by Adams et al., 2014 (pg 105 onwards) 

Men in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and North America all have a decreased sperm count over the last forty years. There was a 59.3 percent decline in total sperm count among Western men between 1973 and 2011. This requires vigorous investigation moving forward. Men may be more vulnerable than women to electromagnetic exposure because they only have skin between this important equipment, whereas women have some protective effects from the pelvic bone.

Ovaries and fertility

Fertility problems come from hormonal disruption which is damaged during exposure to Wi-Fi networks

"The neuroendocrine disorders are the main reason for infertility problems", is the finding in the review of the literature on electromagnetic fields on the reproductive system, published in the Electronic Physician. This neuroendocrine system is made of glands throughout the body that make the chemical messengers (hormones) such as the estrogens produced by the ovaries. Much of the literature in the review finds that this system is weakened, decreased, and unbalanced by exposure to electromagnetic fields, resulting in decreasing the activity of these organs, causing infertility symptoms in females. 

EMF exposure caused destruction to cells on the outer part of the ovaries and the fallopian tubes. 

 "There should be major concern regarding the exposure to Wi-Fi networks existing in the vicinity of our living places.”Electronic Physician review

1-2hrs a day of mobile phone radiation (800MHz GSM) had rats having fewer and fewer pups

The control group of rats had between seven to nine pups consistently. The rats exposed to 2hrs of mobile phone radiation daily had under four pups after 15 days of exposure. By 60 days of exposure, the number of pups was down to under three pups. A significant decline in ovarian follicles (the little sacs of fluid that hold an immature egg) was found, except for one type of follicle.

Published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction 2015; 4(3): -

Exposure to electromagnetic fields during embryonic development causes changes in developing eggs (oocytes) in rats

This leads to decreased ovarian reserve leading to infertility or reduced fertility.

Mice had a significant decrease in births after exposure to mobile phone radiation

One study of cell phone frequency exposure to a hundred female mice using various lengths of exposure to standby mode and active modes found a significant increase in poor quality and dead embryos, a decrease in high-quality embryos, and a significant decrease in births.


Hyperactivity, decreased anxiety, and memory impairment are found in mice exposed to cell phone radiation in the womb

The authors of this study were looking to see if ADHD the inability to override the involuntary capture of attention by irrelevant information, was related to radiation exposure. Mice that were exposed in-utero to 800-1900 MHz-rated cellular telephones were found to be hyperactive, have increased anxiety, and impaired memory. This was assessed by differences in fear of exploring their environment, time spent away from the light, and between control mice and exposed mice.

The study was looking for direct evidence of causation after an epidemiologic study found an association between prenatal cellular telephone exposure and subsequent behavioral problems in the exposed offspring.

Breast Cancer
Duration and age when exposed to mobile phones lead to the most significant changes in the developing reproductive system

In rat studies, mobile phone exposure during their puberty  resulted in a decreased development of sperm cells (Spermotosis), and showed decreased viability, as well as a lowered  concentration of testosterone 

—This study at the Institute of Radiobiology in Belarus by Natalia Chueshova’ used 2000 rats and was included in the top ten achievements of scientists at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for 2019.

The dose of radiation that is absorbed by the reproductive organs, and,

consequently, the severity of the pathology of the reproductive system is directly

affected by the

location of the devices that are being used.

Frequencies used in Telecommunications by Yuri Grigoriev (pg 109).

Young women with no family history of cancer are getting tumours, in the same location, as where they have stored their cell phonesin their bras.

This is highly unusual, most women's diagnosis of cancer occurs after the age of 53, not in  women in their twenties, or it occurs in women with a family history of this disease. These breast cancers are unusual in other ways, in that they occur in a different part of the breast than normally seen, right under the antennae of the phone.


A case-control study comprising 894 healthy controls and 211 patients with breast cancer found that excessive smartphone use significantly increases the risk of breast cancer, particularly for participants with smartphone addiction, combined with where women carrying the smart phone close to the breasts, and with the habit of smartphone use before bedtime.

Underwire bras contain metal, which means that women are walking around with antenna systems attached to their bodies. To understand this in action, watch the short YouTube video by Environmental Radiation LLC which demonstrates the pick-up of the radio frequencies by the bra wire: 

Other health issues

Of course, our sexual health isn't the only thing affected by electromagnetic fields, other health effects are discussed on Safe ICT NZ's health effects page. 

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