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 On behalf
of the U.S. Armed Forces he had examined around 1,600 servicemen from Air Force, Navy, and Army in the late
50’s and had discovered cataracts in numerous young radar technicians, and this in the one eye they had
focused the radar antenna with. Cataracts in both eyes are found in half of the seventy-year-old, but hardly in
twenty- and thirty-year-old persons, and never only in one eye unless this one has somehow been injured from
the outside. 

The Zapping of America: Microwaves, Their Deadly Risk, and the Coverup by Paul Brodeur (1977, Hardcover)

Dr Milton Zaret an ophthalmologist and researcher for the military examined thousands of military and civilian personnel working at radar stations found low EMF exposure resulted in cataracts that formed at the originates in the lens capsule back of the eye. 

Ophthalmologist Milton Zaret examined the eyes of thousands of military and civilian personnel working at radar installations and published prolifically about the hundreds of cases of microwave-induced cataracts that he encountered. Most of these cataracts were caused by

chronic exposure of the eye to radiation at power densities around one milliwatt per square centimeter—a level which is regularly exceeded by each of the two and a half billion cell phones in use today. Cows grazing near cell towers have been found to have calves with cataracts. 

Calves grazing near cell phone masts have been found to have cataracts.

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